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Mad scientist vs. aliens from another world


THING 3-D STUDIOS  is pleased to present an
art form by new on the scene artist John Hoyt. Also an accomplished guitarist
and founder/co-founder of underground hard rock bands CONTACT and THING

of Hollywood and Orange County, California, Hoyt is forging a new path of
originality with his expression of "mad scientist vs. aliens from
another world" art showcase.  


The artworks are wall mounted guitars adorned
with various craziness. Hoyt is constantly evolving and stretching the artistic
boundaries which confine the planet as we know it. There are also some quite
tame works among Hoyt's guitar art although each one still approaches that edge of insanity. These pieces captivate your attention and devour any lack of
confidence in an artistic world that is seemingly sliding into an irreversible
step toward "the normal".
Most of the guitars are permanently mounted
on the artwork however your own guitar can also be immortalized by Hoyt. 
At request, the artwork can serve as a "docking station" and still be
easily removable for use.

John Hoyt - Exquisite Art

Gallery Hours - Appointment only

Updated: JAN 22,  2024

Phone : 714 510-0911

Hollywood,  California

Laguna Beach, CA

Brea, California

Palm Springs, CA

WARNING: The content of this site has been known to cause obssesive behavioral patterns and in many cases, severe personality shifts.

All art is signed and numbered by the artist - John Hoyt


John Hoyt Art works have shipped to over 100 different countries on the  surface of the planet Earth


Gallery of Guitar Fine Art


Most  of the Guitar Artworks
measure 4 x 2 feet


Movie, Music, and Car  and Pop Culture inspired art


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