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John's artworks have been sold and shipped to over 100 different countries on the planet earth !
His mastery of 3D art is unmatched and truly unique.
Now John has unleashed his new "animal" with these 3D Guitar artworks.
Each piece is named, numbered and signed by John Hoyt.
Your ideas can be incorporated into a commision piece made by John. Feel free to contact us and discuss your ideas for your own custom 3D artwork piece for your business establishment, office reception area, Home Theatre, MAN CAVE or anywhere you want to capture that eye catching POP that friends and customers will never forget where they saw it and be talking about it everywhere they go !


We like the same things you do...   the good stuff !  ...and none of the bad.

  Now that the Mayan Calendar Apocalyptic Disaster Scenario has been averted we can all breathe easy and get back to the things in life that truly make us happy.  Like surrounding ourselves with ultra cool stuff of originality to personify our lives and living / working spaces and praying to God that no one digs up another calendar that ends next year launching the doomsday preppers into another hole digging frenzy.

John Hoyt - Exquisite Art

Gallery Hours - Appointment only

Updated: JAN 22,  2024

Phone : 714 510-0911

Hollywood,  California

Laguna Beach, CA

Brea, California

Palm Springs, CA

WARNING: The content of this site has been known to cause obssesive behavioral patterns and in many cases, severe personality shifts.

All art is signed and numbered by the artist - John Hoyt


John Hoyt Art works have shipped to over 100 different countries on the  surface of the planet Earth


Gallery of Guitar Fine Art


Most  of the Guitar Artworks
measure 4 x 2 feet


Movie, Music, and Car  and Pop Culture inspired art


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