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Set your art decor apart from the crowd !

Each work of fine art is signed, named and numbered by the artist - John Hoyt


John's artworks have been sold and shipped to over 100 different countries on the planet earth !
His mastery of 3D art is unmatched and truly unique.
Now John has unleashed his new "animal" with these 3D Guitar artworks.


 A striking addition to your personal decor.
Perfect for your Home Theatre, Studio, Restaurant, business establishments, reception area, office, Bar, Night Club, Man Cave or anywhere you want people to never forget where they were !


The guitars are permanently mounted on the artwork in most cases.

At request, an artwork piece can be fabricated as a "docking station" for your prized guitar and easily removeable for playing.


Please contact us for info to purchase any of the artworks from John Hoyt ART

or to have a custom piece made special for YOU !


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Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art

John's CYGNUS X-1  Guitar Artwork piece now on display at

611 S. Coast Hwy - Laguna Beach, CA 92651


 John's Guitar Artwork piece "Map of the Problematique"
in Laguna Beach Art Magazine

Spring issue

Description : This is a 24 x 19 inch candy apple purple framed 3D "one of a kind" artwork from John Hoyt  3D Acrylic mirror gold and blue plastic with minature "Prince" guitar on silver metalf New PRINCE 3D ART by John Hoyt Artworks in oTHeR aRTwOrKs

Saturday, March 22. 9am - 3pm.
6th Annual Brea Baptist Church Car Show

217 East Birch Street, Brea, California

A selection of Johns artworks will be on display and available for purchase at the Brea Car Show
This event showcases some of the finest classics to oddities and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.




Framed Batman Art - 29 x 17 inches

more pictures and close ups in oThEr ArTWoRks section



A selection of Johns guitar artworks will be on display at the Laguna Beach Art Walk on Thursday, December 5.
6 pm - 9pm

John is severley pleased to be a new member of the exclusive Laguna Beach Artist Group.

In Memory of Jan Kuehnemund, lead guitarist and founding member of VIXEN, the most popular all female Heavy Metal Rock band to ever grace the planet !

New Section - otHeR aRTwOrKs - John Hoyt Fine Art


September 13, 14 and 15, 2013

The Westin Los Angeles Airport

Autographs and memorabilia. Live Music, raffle prizes, VIP Party !

Friday night is free and open to the public !

Tickets on sale now !

A selection of John's guitar artworks will be on display for viewing and purchase !

The new Baby Guitar art ! ... Daddy PLEASE !!!!

  Now that the Mayan Calendar Apocalyptic Disaster Scenario has been averted we can all breathe easy and get back to the things in life that truly make us happy.  Like surrounding ourselves with ultra cool stuff of originality to personify our lives and living / working spaces and praying to God that no one digs up another calendar that ends next year launching the doomsday preppers into another hole digging frenzy.

John Hoyt - Exquisite Art

Gallery Hours - Appointment only

Phone : 714 510-0911

Laguna Beach,  California

La Habra, California

WARNING: The content of this site has been known to cause obssesive behavioral patterns and in many cases, severe personality shifts.

All art is signed and numbered by the artist - John Hoyt


Artworks measure 4 x 2 feet


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